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1) What was your first Harvest Moon Game you played?

Harvest Moon 2 for Gameboy Color

2) What is your favorite Harvest Moon game and why?
its a tie between A New Beginning, Animal Parade and A Wonderful life
I love a new beginning because the graphics are the nicest and most detailed of all the series(plus the sexy bachelors) And I love Animal Parade for the plot,  the animals and pets and for having my favorite bachelor. and finally I love a wonderful life for the bachelorettes and for having the focus after year one being on raising the child to have the personality you want along with watching everyone age

3) Out of all the games from the harvest moon series which one would you say has the best story line and why?
Animal parade, because it makes you play out all aspects of the series as well as having the subplot with your child.

4) What would be your favorite season in the game?

Fall because it makes you rich

5) In the latest new game Harvest Moon A Tale Of Two Towns, which town would you perfer to live in and why?

Bluebell because I love having teh animals

6) In the games what would you like to do besides growing crops and taking care of your animals?
I'm all about the batchlors and raising Kids.  although i wish the games were less prude

7) Who would your top 5 Fav Guys be from the harvest moon series? Yes it can be any males from the games.

I guess if I HAVE to pick:
1. Wizard from AP
2. Luke From AP
3. Skye From DS Cute
4. Allen from ANB
5. Grey(and all spinoffs) All Versions

8) Who would your top 5 Fav Girls be from the harvest moon series?

1. Luna from AP
2. Muffy from AWL
3. Leia from DS CUte
4. Nami AWL
5. Wich Princess ANB

9) How long have you been a harvest moon fan?

ten years (half my life)

10) If Natsume were to make a new harvest moon game, what would you like to see and why?
I would like a harvest moon aimed twords older fans and have more interactions with bachelors. I'd also like to see them bring back the same details in child raising and aging that was in a wonderful life

11) Would you like to customize your main characters (Male/Female) Characters?
yes but next time id like to see the customized character in non-avatar form
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the-sage-of-wind Featured By Owner Jan 2, 2013  Hobbyist Writer
I agree with the whole gearing it towards an older audience. Like I'll be 20 in August and I think they should stop being less prudish about their games. Not saying they aren't fun...
gir-is-me Featured By Owner Jan 2, 2013  Hobbyist General Artist
yeah, I mean harvest moon remains my favorite game but most of their fanbase is older people, so it would be a smart move in my opinion :3
the-sage-of-wind Featured By Owner Jan 2, 2013  Hobbyist Writer
I agree. :3
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